SmallNoC: Application-specific long-range link insertion tool

SmallNoC tool, which is inspired by small-world networks, automatically inserts application-specific long-range links to a 2D mesh network for a given (set of) application(s). The goal is to maximize the sustainable network throughput with a constraint on the total number of long-range links.

NoCmap: an energy- and performance-aware mapping tool for Networks-on-Chip

The mapping tool, named NoCmap, is a concise C++ program which automatically maps a given set of IPs onto a generic regular NoC architecture such that the total communication energy is minimized. At the same time, the performance of the resulting communication system is guaranteed to satisfy the specified design constraints through bandwidth reservation.

Worm_Sim: a cycle accurate simulator for Networks-on-Chip

Worm_sim is a cycle-accurate simulator which we developed from scratch in C++ using standard template library. Worm_sim is written with flexibility and modularity in mind. It can be used to simulate a wide range of NoC architectures (e.g. NoCs with different topologies and different routing algorithms, etc.), using user controllable performance parameters (e.g. channel buffer size, routing engine delay, crossbar arbitration delay, etc.). Moreover, due to the flexibility of worm_sim, it can be easily extended to simulate NoCs which worm_sim does not support at the current stage.

BNSim: bacteria network simulator

Bacteria-based networks are formed using native or engineered bacteria that communicate at nano-scale. This definition includes the micro-scale molecular transportation system which uses chemotactic bacteria for targeted cargo delivery, as well as genetic circuits for intercellular interactions like quorum sensing or light communication. To characterize the dynamics of bacterial networks accurately, we introduce BNSim, an opensource, parallel, stochastic, and multiscale modeling platform which integrates various simulation algorithms, together with genetic circuits and chemotactic pathway models in a complex 3D environment.