The mapping tool, named NoCmap, is a concise C++ program which automatically maps a given set of IPs onto a generic regular NoC architecture such that the total communication energy is minimized. At the same time, the performance of the resulting communication system is guaranteed to satisfy the specified design constraints through bandwidth reservation.

Features and Highlights

NoCmap also uses Ebit energy model. It accepts two possible formats for describing the to-be-mapped application. The first format is the APCG format, which is accepted by nocmap in combination with “-apcg switch. In this format, each line in the input APCG file contains a 4-tuple, which specifies the source IP, the destination IP, the communication volume and the communication bandwidth requirement, respectively. The second supported format is the “traffic-configformat, which is accepted by nocmap when switch “-traffic_config” is enabled. In this case, each line in the input file contains a 3-tuple, which specifies the source IP, the destination IP and the packet rate from the source to the destination. When executed, emph{nocmap} linearly scale this packet rate to generate the communication volume and the bandwidth requirement between these two IPs.

Downloads and Install

Download release 1.2

NoCmap was developed and tested mainly in GNU/Linux. To install, download the tgz file and use the command “tar xvzf nocmap.1.2.tgz” to extract the files. Just run “make” in nocmap/src directory and the executable named “nocmap” will be compiled. Copy or link this binary to a directory in your search path if you like.

Running “nocmap -h” will print a brief description of switches available. At the same time, please refer to the README.txt file included in the release for more detailed usage and explanation of the tool.

Some simple examples are also provided with the release which can be checked out under “examples” directory.


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