System Level Design Group

The story of the SLD Group began in June 2000 at Carnegie Mellon University with an initial focus on system-level design methodologies for integrated circuits and systems. Over the years, our research has expanded significantly. Indeed, the SLD Group has been at the forefront of some of the most important evolutions in computer systems design, e.g., low-power design, communication-centric design, cyber-physical design and, most recently, machine learning and data-driven design. Our research has contributed to advancing some applications with high societal impact, e.g., Internet-of-Things (IoT), social networks, energy and sustainability, and personalized medicine.

The SLD group at UT Austin started in January 2020. Our research brings together machine learning, network science, and systems design. Current research topics include machine learning and optimization for edge computing, software-reconfigurable heterogeneous systems on chip, social sensing and epidemics modeling. Our research results are highly visible, widely cited, and consistently funded.

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