Social Networks

Objective social media exhibit rich yet distinct temporal dynamics which cover a wide range of different scales. We are able to identify the compositional structures that can accurately characterize the complex social dynamics from these two social media. We further show that identifying these patterns can enable new applications such as anomaly detection and improved social dynamics forecasting. We aim to uncover new insights on understanding and engineering social media dynamics and their consequences on offline behaviors.

social networks

Selected Publications

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Hurtado, Sofia; Ray, Poushali; Marculescu, Radu

Bot Detection in Reddit Political Discussion (Inproceedings)

Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Social Sensing, pp. 30–35, 2019.

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Bhardwaj, Kartikeya; Marculescu, Radu

Dimensionality reduction via community detection in small sample datasets (Inproceedings)

Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, pp. 102–114, Springer, Cham 2018.

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Topirceanu, Alexandru; Udrescu, Mihai; Marculescu, Radu

Weighted betweenness preferential attachment: A new mechanism explaining social network formation and evolution (Journal Article)

Scientific reports, 8 (1), pp. 1–14, 2018.

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Condessa, Filipe; Marculescu, Radu

From ideas to social signals: Spatiotemporal analysis of social media dynamics (Inproceedings)

Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Social Sensing, pp. 29–34, 2017.

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Topirceanu, Alexandru; Udrescu, Mihai; Vladutiu, Mircea; Marculescu, Radu

Tolerance-based interaction: A new model targeting opinion formation and diffusion in social networks (Journal Article)

PeerJ Computer Science, 2 , pp. e42, 2016.

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Peng, Huan-Kai; Lee, Hao-Chih; Pan, Jia-Yu; Marculescu, Radu

Data-Driven Engineering of Social Dynamics: Pattern Matching and Profit Maximization (Journal Article)

PloS one, 11 (1), pp. e0146490, 2016.

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